About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality

Every day, you are out there making things happen. That’s why our CEO, created Saladefy: to provide everything you need to bring more delicious meals with no preparation, no shopping, no hassle, and no matter how busy you are.

At Saladefy, we believe that preparing and enjoying a meal should be a simply delicious experience. Simplicity is our mantra. From online to doorstep, we make planning and preparing a meal simple, intuitive, and inspirational every step of the way.

Every day each meal is carefully planned, carefully sourced, and delivered to the front door of each subscriber at the time most convenient for them.

Our subscription business model enables us to fundamentally change the way consumers shop for food and to develop new ways people prepare and consume meals.

Despite this growth, we believe that people continue to love Saladefy for the same reasons it was founded: it saves time, reduces food waste, and most importantly, brings people together.

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